Ultimate guideline to choose best home care service for Dementia Patients

Dementia is a medical condition related to memory loss. A person loses his cognitive function along with a specific illness. The disease usually affects the thinking, memory, and behavior of the patient. When your loved ones suffer from dementia, they need some help from caregivers. Help the patient to do their daily task and provide routine care.

Maid agency for Dementia patients

An individual with dementia requires constant monitoring and assistance at home. Approach a maid service provider to help you manage your work life and care for your loved one.
A caretaker service in Mumbai can help people in need with below four options.

● Adult daycare
● Nursing homes
● Boarding homes
● In-home care

Overview about in-Home care service

When compared to hospitals and nursing homes, most people prefer in-home services. However, before you opt for an in-home care service, you should understand the range of services provided by the agency. The key benefit of in-home service is, the patient can stay at their home and receive good help.

There are different types of in-house services. For example, certain in-home services can provide non-medical help, while others can give medical care provided by licensed health professionals like a physical therapist or a nurse.

Common categories of in-home services

1. Personal Care Services: Assist in daily care routines such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and other personal care

2. Companion Service: Assist in recreational activities, another outside visit, and supervising

3. Skilled Care: Help patients with injections, wound care, medical needs, physical therapy, and other medical assistance by a licensed health professional

4. Homemaker services: Help patients to do shopping, housekeeping, or meal preparation.

Guidelines to choose caregiving providers

When you want to choose the right in-home caregivers, the below-mentioned points can help you identify the best agency.

1. Plan a checklist: When approaching a caregiver, make a list of the necessary services and your expectations to be carried out.
2. Identify the caregivers: While you screen the caregivers, figure out the service they offer and see if it meet your needs.

3. Interview at home: Speak with the prospective caregivers or maid agency in your home. Prepare a list of your needs and questions to ask and understand about their service and expectations.

4. Check references. A reliable maid service agency will perform complete background verification. Hence it is wise to speak with the agency people or consider the caregivers from your friend's reference. If required, you can also talk with the caregiver's prior employer.

5. Share information. The more caregivers understand about the patient, they will provide better care. Even with Alzheimer’s or memory loss, these patients can maintain strong memories from past events. Explain the caregivers with fond memories, past accomplishments, and other relevant guideposts. Explain to them the events related to their recent memory. It will enable them to create a better bond with the patient


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