Simple Cleaning Tips and Tricks at Home

Simple Cleaning Tips and Tricks at Home

Are you ready to clean your house? That’s when you look for guidelines. If you have a plan to hire a home cleaning agency to clean your house even though you are free, then it is profitless. You have to spend some of your amounts for them to make it tidy. Better you can apply several cleaning tried instructions available to clean your house if you do not have an idea of how to clean and what solution to apply. It saves your lump sum amount and valuable time.

Our guides for you
Deep cleaning is suggested. If you start cleaning from bottom to top, when you go to top for cleaning, the dust may deposit at the bottom already cleaned area, so you have to clean it again. It’s a waste of time and effort. Always start from the top such as the highest point of shelves or cupboards. Wear gloves and masks for your hygiene.

Clean dust
Dust your household items like furniture, bureaus, every side of the sofas and shelves, air conditioners, and more. Especially don’t leave top areas where it collects dust and fall. Dry-dust everything and wet your microfiber cloth with warm water and wipe it off for better results. Blankets, pillows, towels, and other clothes shed and collapse so, arrange separate cupboards for these items to prevent shedding outside and easy to clean. Curtains can absorb more dirt from the outside, fans, and air vents easily so, it’s necessary to machine-wash or dry-wash periodically.

Clean bedding and furniture surfaces
Take blankets and bedspreads outside and shake them well weekly. It sheds fabric particles. Wash and change pillow covers, bedspreads at least weekly once. It helps you to get rid of pests like bed bugs. Likewise, clean your furniture surfaces well with vacuum regularly.

Clean mirrors
Use dry and wet microfiber cloths for spotless mirrors and glasses.

Fresh Bathroom and kitchen
Clean your gas stove burners and glass-top, counter-top, sinks, with synthetic liquid or soap. You can use gap filler on your countertop to fill gaps between the countertop and other things like refrigerators. A magic Eraser sponge clean bathroom showers well and removes ground-in dirt from the porous floor tile. You can use a bleach pen to remove dirt from grout and use a cleaning solution to the floor. Dust and sweep before you start with the wet stuff. Finally, disinfect your bathroom with disinfectant spray.

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