Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning: What is the Difference?

Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning: What is the Difference?

Cleaning house is a basic requirement, however, judging on what sort of cleaning required for your home depends on the dust or dirt in your house. Just look all over the place in your house before start cleaning and decide whether your house needs a deep cleaning or regular cleaning. You can get an idea by bringing up the following opinions. In most houses, people do not have time for deep cleaning, in such cases, housemaid services in mumbai like Maidwale come a savior.

Regular Cleaning

The homeowner or a maid of the house can complete a regular cleaning. This mostly happens every week or on a daily basis. If you have pets, then it’s necessary to clean your surfaces and upholsteries regularly to maintain the hygiene of your house.

  • Sweeping and mopping the visible surfaces
  • Washing kitchen dishes, countertop, inside and under the sink
  • Dusting windows, doors, and all the corners
  • Cleaning bathrooms after a bath or an end of the day
  • Changing bed, curtains once a week

These are a few things falling beneath the regular cleaning category that we do at our house. The main purpose of regular house cleaning is to sustain the comfort, freshness, avoid spreading germs and allergy, enhance the quality of indoor air, and besides it gives exquisite look to your house.

If you do not have sufficient time to clean your house regularly, you can hire a professional who will be able to come and clean every week.

Deep Cleaning

Most of the household dust comes from outdoors via windows, vents, regular wear shoes, clothes, and more. Even if you finish regular cleaning, dust can appear in some places. If you want to refresh your house thoroughly, there you go for deep cleaning. During a deep cleaning, you not just clean the leftover dust though also clean all untouched items. In the end, it will make your house elegant.

Following are a few things involved in deep cleaning

  • Cleaning closets or cupboards from top to bottom
  • Cleaning and dusting your electronics or home appliances
  • Cleaning all the hidden places in rooms completely
  • Cleaning and changing air filters, air conditioners
  • Vacuum and keep air circulating once cleaning done

A deep cleaning method should be pre-planned to classify it better. If required, you can seek the help of several cleaning services within your budget.

Now, you will know the variance, and you can take steps to eradicateas much dust as feasible and stay healthy.

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