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Patient care taker services in thane

Older people or a sick family member require care, and so they require reliable caretakers who can look after them and provide a healthy environment. However, it is becoming increasingly challenging to locate such a home nurse these days. For this, Maidwale offers the best patient caretaker option.

Maidwale provides various patient care services in the comfort of your own home. Whether you require aged companion care, senior companion care, and 24-hour patient care for a loved one, we can help. Our well-trained caretaker services in Thane can assist you.

Why To Hire Us As Patient Care Services in Thane

We assist people in locating all of their healthcare needs and enabling them to benefit from the greatest and most inexpensive patient-care service at home, and we take this obligation seriously. We provide qualified and experienced caregivers for patient care, bedridden care for patients and the elderly, post-operative, post-surgical care, dressing, wound care, medicine, injection, cardiac care, in-home medical care, food, and other related services.

Our caregivers provide the highest level of care while maintaining compassion and patience. We deliver top-notch health care to our clients' at the comfort of their homes, intending to make primary healthcare not only more inexpensive but also more accessible and responsive to their requirements.

Responsibilities of care taker services in Thane

Complete Physician-Ordered Treatments:

A Patient care services in Thane administers the doctor's prescribed treatments and procedures. Delivering injections, medication, changing catheters, tube feeding, giving enemas, wound care, and other jobs are among them.

Meals :

Some older people or recovered patients don't receive enough nutrients simply because they find it challenging to cook and clean up after a meal. Maidwale caregivers can cook frequent meals to maintain a nutritious diet. Along with adequate nutrition they also take care of the medication administration, and soothe a sick person's day.

Check Medication :

Home nurses not only provide medication, but they also make sure it's in the correct dose. They go over the drug with the patient and explain the prescription. According to the doctor's orders, the home nurse organizes the week's pills in pill boxes.

Involve in recreational activities :

Our in-home patient caregivers are glad to accompany a senior citizen to a favourite activity with them. Maidwale suggests specialized caregivers to clients' preferences and routines using our expertise.

Patient Assessments :

Based on patient assessments and doctor's suggestions, we provide appropriate care to the patients. Starting from daily BP checks to other medical assistance, our trained caregivers can assist. They also monitor vital signs regularly and communicate any issues to the primary physician. Patient caregivers are responsible for the care of medical equipment that is usually found in a hospital. They are responsible for operating and maintaining all medical equipment, including drips and respirators. Patient care services in Thane ensure that everything is clean and in functioning condition.

Our clients can stay peacefully in their homes with the help of our patient care services in Thane, and their family members can continue working.

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