Full-time or Part-time domestic help- which one to choose

The busy metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai provide numerous choices for domestic help. However, one of the critical concerns that every house owner goes through is a dilemma in opting for a full-time and part-time maid. Here are some points that can help you understand their job roles and lets you prioritize the one that best suits your needs. 

When you approach the best maid agency in Delhi, they can suggest and help you find a reliable housemaid as per your preference.


The key point to consider while hiring a maid is to consider availability. If you are looking for a maid who can assist you with all the daily chores and aid in elder care or baby care any time in the day, then you should consider hiring a full-time maid. 

Similarly, before hiring the maid, confirm if they can visit your palace any time. When you had to stay away for some emergency or if your job nature requires you to travel a lot, maintaining a particular job routine time for daily chores cannot help. 


Part-time maids visit your place for specific jobs like cleaning or dishwashing or both, which means they work only for a couple of hours. A full-time domestic help covers every aspect of your daily house chores and is flexible as per your routine. You can focus mainly on your other critical or productive jobs. 

Furthermore, the full-time maids are accountable for all the chores around your house. At the same time, the part-time maids are responsible for the particular job for which they were hired. 

Additional Tasks

Part-time maids are often aware of the specific information about their job for the day. Most of the maids may not be open to adding additional work as they need to visit other places on time. Full-time maids are highly flexible, and they can execute their daily housework and help you with an elder or baby care. They can be your perfect substitute when you are not around.

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